Wealth Management Services

Our team includes members with specialties in taxation, investment management, and personal financial planning. Our Investment Committee has more than 100 years of combined experience. 

This breadth and depth allow us to offer comprehensive wealth management services. This type of financial and investment management has been shown to provide a lot of incremental value

While we have no asset minimum, our annual fee for new clients begins at $10,000, which is equivalent to about $1 million in investable assets. Our annual fee is all inclusive, covering ongoing asset management, comprehensive proactive financial management, tailored advice, and personal attention. It includes services such as:

Investment Management

Investment Management

Our custom investment plans use a wide range of asset classes and investment tools to balance risk, seek opportunity, and match your preferences.


Investment Management

Value Alignment

If you so desire, we will build charitable giving and ESG investing into your financial plans and investment portfolio in ways that match your values.


Investment Management

Tax Reduction Strategies

We take tax planning to a deeper level, customizing investment decisions to your personal tax situation to enhance after-tax returns.


Investment Management

Pre & Post Divorce Planning

We help you move
from uncertainty
to confidence, control,
and freedom.  


Investment Management

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

We listen with compassion and move at your pace as you become the sole financial decision-maker.


Investment Management

Retirement Planning

We help you make choices
that can lead to
sustained financial independence and enjoyment.


Investment Management

Estate Planning

We tie estate planning into your plan to provide for people you love and to support causes close to your heart.

Investment Management

College Accumulation Planning

We help you prepare for your children’s or grandchildren’s educational needs and aspirations.

Investment Management

Children of Clients

We extend advice through the generations by providing some services that are primarily available to children of clients.


How to get started

After deep conversations about what matters to you, we build a custom financial plan that incorporates all of the services above. We continually revisit and update the plan, keeping you well-informed and in control of your finances.

Our cost structure is competitive, and there is no cost or tax to transfer assets.

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