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Laurel Wealth Planning team of financial advisors and client service staff outside their office building

Wealth Planning for Women in the Minneapolis area

Do you have worries and doubts about how to manage your money? You’re not alone. Working with financial advisors at Laurel Wealth Planning can help you feel more confident about your choices.

Our team of financial advisors in Minneapolis/St. Paul guard your financial interests and keep an eye on your financial goals at all times. As full-service, fee-only fiduciaries, we are well positioned to be your sounding board and voice of reason, freeing you to live the life you want. We are your …

Trusted advisor

We go the extra mile to help you make difficult decisions. Our ongoing, comprehensive financial plans address tax planning, investment strategies, estate planning, retirement planning, and more.

Thoughtful partner

We aim to enter a long-term relationship that lets us understand your preferences, priorities and passions. This partnership mentality drives our high-touch service and holistic approach.

Responsible steward

Like you, we do the right things for the right reasons. We empower you to leave a meaningful legacy that fits your values, whether through estate planning, ESG investing, or charitable giving.

Financial planning for women decision-makers

Many of our clients are women with substantial financial resources. We often work with clients to navigate life transitions, like a change in marital status or retirement.

Our clients want the freedom to pursue passions and leave a meaningful footprint in the world. They know that financial planning and wealth management are essential for both goals.

Our wealth advisors boil down financial complexities and handle portfolio management details. This financial advice empowers clients to make life decisions that are right for them. Those decisions might include buying property; funding educations; gifting to children; or investing according to their personal ethics.

If you’ve ever wondered — “Am I doing the right things with my money?” or “How can I be a good steward of my money?” or “How do I prioritize and plan for my life goals?” — we can help.

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