Our Retirement Planning Approach

Retirement planning for us is all about helping clients feel confident about their future.

There is a lot at stake when planning for retirement — and when managing finances during retirement — and our goal is to help clients handle all of it wisely.

Some people come to us not knowing how much money they need to retire the way they want to. Others think they have the basics covered but want a roadmap for some “extras” like travel or gifts to charity. We get to know clients’ retirement goals and then create a plan that sets them on a path to meet those goals, working to allay common retirement concerns along the way. 

We frequently review and revise the plan and can manage as much or as little of it as clients want, so they can stay as actively involved as they choose to.

Before Retirement

When making a retirement saving plan, scenario analysis can help you visualize how likely you are to achieve your retirement goals. It helps us suggest possible adjustments to your situation, such as saving more, changing your investment strategy, or prioritizing your retirement goals.

The analysis factors in social security, traditional and Roth IRAs and 401(k)s and other investment accounts and assets. We build from there, making a financial plan that factors in retirement goals, tax planning, investment preferences, and current needs.

While retirement planning has a large financial component, we may also talk with you about the soft side of retirement, like what a typical day will look like or how to find common ground with your partner when it comes to retirement goals.

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During Retirement

1 in 3 retirees use a professional financial advisor to help manage their retirement savings/investments.

Once you retire, the strategy will shift from accumulation to withdrawal while maintaining a sustainable portfolio. We create a plan that covers which accounts to withdraw from, how to make required withdrawals, how much to withdraw and when, how to manage taxes, and how to invest.

Just as in the pre-retirement phase, we routinely adjust plans. This might happen as your needs and goals change, as you move through the four stages of retirement, and as investment conditions and tax laws change.

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