The case for not retiring

October 26, 2023

Recently, after we announced that my husband Tom had retired from LWP, some clients asked me if I’m planning to retire any time soon. While I appreciate the question, I want to make it clear: I have no desire to retire, and I plan to continue to serve clients for years to come.

I like to joke that I’m a “trophy wife” since I’m so much younger than my spouse (eight years). On a serious note, I am a high-energy person, and my husband has no desire to have my energy visited on him at home. Along with so enjoying my role at Laurel Wealth Planning, I also have  flexibility to do the things outside of work that I enjoy, such as travel, because I can rely on the dedication of our wonderful team.

It will likely not surprise you to learn that my decision to continue serving you for the long term has also been based in research, mirroring our investment research process. This includes thinking about desired goals and then executing a plan to achieve them. Let’s talk some more about this and what that means for you.

Researching retirement

I’ve always known that I will likely work many additional years; in this profession, people often serve clients well into their 70s. But, of course, I’m analytical, so I took a retirement quiz – and I failed it! The questions really made me think about what my current life is like, if there were any changes I wanted to make, and if retirement at some point was right for me. At the end, the quiz gave me feedback – “Don’t retire, because you get so much from your work, a sense of purpose, fulfillment, social interaction, intellectual challenge, and personal growth.”

In addition, I read a book called The Longevity Revolution, which I encourage everyone to read. The book discusses how thanks to advances in modern medicine, including battling cancer, people are living longer than ever. The most people at any point in history are expected to reach age 100 in the next decade, and the number is projected to continue growing. As part of this longer lifespan, we need to rethink our retirement ages. If we are living longer, we also can be working longer if our work adds to our life, which my service to you certainly does.

My goals in life

So what do I love doing? Helping people with their investing and financial planning. When I think about giving that up, I feel a sense of loss. I’ve built so many wonderful relationships with our clients and I truly care about helping them feel secure in their financial goals, and I love seeing them enjoy their monies – doing what they’ve always wanted to do. Even better, I’ve now been doing this long enough that I am starting to help the children of my clients as they plan for their future as well. I can’t imagine giving that up.

Not only can I not imagine not working with my clients, but the mentorship I’m able to give to the LWP team is invaluable to me. They might think I’m helping them, but the truth is, it gives me great joy to share what I know with others and to watch them gain skills and confidence in their career. I love hearing or seeing our team members interact with you — seeing the trust and hearing the laughter. I know I still have more to contribute to the team, and I can’t wait to see how they blossom.

Not only do I love my clients and team, but I truly enjoy watching the markets, staying up to date on the latest investment news and financial strategies and generally being a part of the financial world. I know myself – whether retired or not, I’d still be paying attention to the markets and financial news, so it makes sense to use my knowledge to help others.

What this means

So what does this all mean for LWP and for you? Well, it means not that much will change! I’ll still be here, every day, doing what I love – helping people feel empowered in their choices and secure in their financial future. And, of course, supporting our staff to continue to grow in their capability and service to you.

Just like investing, though, I know things can change in life. If anything changes in my goals or if there were a sudden change in my health, please know that caring for you will continue to be our top priority. We’re planners, and that means we have plans in place to serve you well even if circumstances change.

And as for you, I encourage you to think about what you want out of life. If it’s retiring, great! We help people all day every day to have a secure and enjoyable retirement. But if it’s to keep working, or work part time, that’s great too. You’re in control of your future, and we’re here to help you make it a reality.

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