We’re Proud to Announce a New Shareholder!

August 2, 2019

We’re proud to announce a new shareholder! Please join us in congratulating Mallory Kretman, CFP®.

Many of our clients have worked with Mallory, especially those coming out of a divorce, who have trusts and other planning entities that require thoughtful planning, and who are accumulating their wealth.

If you know of others she can assist, this energetic and experienced new shareholder would appreciate your referrals as she grows her practice. We are proud of how hard Mallory has worked to become a shareholder and how committed she is to helping all of you.

As we promote Mallory, we continue our plan of having a team in place to serve you for the long-term. Laura explains, “At age 59, I continue to love my work. My role of helping our clients, enhancing our team members’ professional growth, making connections in the community, and building this firm is a fulfilling and rare opportunity. While I have a team and plan in place to continue Laurel Wealth Planning, I hope to have the honor and joy of continuing to serve our clients for many years to come.”

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