Thriving After Divorce: From Challenge to Freedom

Coming out of divorce proceedings, you might feel tired, bruised or concerned about how to handle the details of your finances. Over two decades, we’ve helped recently divorced clients move through the steps below toward confidence, control and freedom, with a goal of thriving after divorce.

1. Leaving Uncertainty Behind
The financial landscape after a divorce can feel complex and unfamiliar. How do you put the financial pieces together? Are these good long-term investments for you? What will your kids need? Beginning a conversation with a financial professional who has your best interests in mind is the first step.

2. Gaining Clarity
With the right guidance, the most complex financial situation can become understandable. We listen carefully to your goals and values, and match those with opportunities in your financial landscape.

3. Enjoying Ease and Control
We understand the unique challenges recent divorcees can face – we’ve been there before, supporting others just like you. We walk you through every part of the process and help you put the pieces in place: implementing the plan, taking care of the details, making it easy for you.

4. Ongoing Guidance
We’re there for you when you need us – even when you don’t know you do. We monitor the details, the markets, the financial landscape and any changes in your goals. We update your plan and take appropriate action to keep you on track.

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We’re Here For You

How do I move forward?

In the midst of a divorce, it can seem like you’ll never get back to normal, and the last thing you might feel like doing is reaching out to one more professional for help. However, having a guide who puts your needs foremost may help you move away from confusion and onto the path you want for yourself.

Will I have enough for what I’d like to do?

Uncertainty plagues many of our clients early in the process of sorting through their finances after divorce. They might know roughly where they stand but may be wondering “How do I put a plan together?” or “What’s best for my future?” The value in working with us is that we can help you determine what “enough” means to you and how to get there and beyond.

Why might I have been referred to you?

Our warm style and the way we take time and care for people can feel just right after the formality of divorce proceedings. If you have been referred to us, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your financial picture, but rather your family law professional is trying to match you with a financial partner who can help you navigate the next chapter of your life.

How exactly can you help me?

We blend a welcoming, personable approach with a rigorous process in the areas of investments, tax planning, estate planning and more. We coordinate with your other trusted advisors, including your attorney, CPA or bankers. Our value as a fiduciary is that we must work for your best interests. Plus, with two decades of experience helping divorcees chart a course through complex financial landscapes, you can count on us to guide you, free from conflicts of interest, with your goal of thriving after divorce at the core of our advice.

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