Celebrating 20 Years in Business and Still Learning

October 30, 2019

This month we celebrated 20 years as fiduciary financial planners at Laurel Wealth Planning. Twenty years ago, it was unusual for a woman to lead an independent financial services firm, but the numbers are growing!

To help us celebrate, many of our friends enjoyed refreshments and entertainment. Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chutich honored us with her presence, sharing her background – she speaks fluent Croatian! – and what her role means to her. You’ll find more photos on Facebook.

Usually I am so busy serving clients and working with the team that I do not reflect on milestones like this. But the 20th year made me pause and think about what I have learned. I think that business success involves some luck and also these three things:

1) Hire and keep the best people, good people, people you trust. If they do not have a lot of experience but are the right people, they will grow along with the company. It has been a joy to watch the LWP team grow.

2) Value ALL the facets of your client relationships. Many nights I go home and realize how lucky I am to work with clients who share the truth about their lives, not just their money. I am inspired by their values, and how they live their lives.

3) Be good and get better. Running a small business means you always must improve.  No matter how busy the day-to-day keeps you, you must take the time to learn new ideas that can help serve your clients better.

Starting Laurel Wealth Planning was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here is to the next twenty!

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