Mike Kellner

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Mike Kellner

Portfolio Manager

“Managing and shaping the investment side of such a strong, client-focused firm is exciting. I get to develop investment strategies, dive deeper into ESG investing, and find the right blend of assets to put clients on the path to achieving their financial goals.”

Mike Kellner partners with Laura Kuntz to oversee the side of financial planning that clients do not always see. As Portfolio Manager, he analyzes market trends, facilitates our Investment Committee, and constructs/implements portfolios for our clients. He also maintains performance reporting systems and supports other technology efforts.

Mike joined Laurel Wealth Planning in 2021 after several years of experience across the investment industry including in investment research, trading, and technology.

Though he has long been interested in economics and financial markets, his journey to the investment world was more circuitous than most. After majoring in Middle East studies, he studied in Egypt on a Fulbright scholarship during the Arab Spring movement. He stayed in Egypt after his scholarship ended and worked with nonprofits, at a newspaper and as a teacher.

Living abroad, working with different cultures, and primarily speaking a different language were formative experiences. Living outside of the U.S. and seeing different life and work environments has shaped how he sees the world and his interest in global markets.

Returning to the U.S., Mike got his first taste of working in financial markets and fell in love with everything investment related. After almost two years at a market research firm exploring everything from tech startups in Turkey to European payments companies, he moved to an investment technology company and then a wealth management firm in Atlanta.

Mike credits a strong family life with shaping his drive, problem-solving ability, and interest in a wide variety of subjects.

Drive and problem-solving are key skills in Mike’s role at LWP. He relishes the opportunity to partner with Laura Kuntz to continue to seek investment opportunities for our clients. He is especially eager to further develop the firm’s Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) investment offerings.

He is happy to have his side of the work complement the strong client relationships the wealth managers foster. Working as a team to help clients meet their goals is important to Mike.

As for his varied interests, those continue today. His hobbies include long-distance bicycling, Arabic poetry, basketball, and international travel. Already fluent in Arabic, he is learning Farsi and improving his French in his spare time.

Mike Kellner’s Credentials and Licensing

Mike is currently a Level III CFA Candidate (Chartered Financial Analyst®). The CFA Level III exam is the last exam in the series of three exams conducted by the CFA Institute. A CFA is one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession.

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