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Tom Kuntz

Finance Manager

“When it comes to numbers or computers, I’m very detail-oriented. Computers are only going to spit out what you put in – and if you don’t put in what you want, you’re not going to get out what you want. It’s the same with anything I do at Laurel Wealth Planning – I can avoid errors by being attentive to the details.”

Tom is our beloved perfectionist. His ability to focus on the details is second to none, whether he’s researching employee benefits or making sure the company books are accurate. Tom is our Finance Manager, and, with him at the helm in this area, we know that the “t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted,” maintaining the secure business foundation on which our clients have relied for more than twenty years.

Prior to joining the firm in 2002, Tom worked as a software engineer at Lockheed Martin for thirty years, where he was known for his high-quality work, organizational skills and attention to detail. Tom is also Laura’s “better half” and he was the parent who kept the children and the household organized. The children are now young adults, but Tom still does the family coordination.

Tom graduated from the College of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics. He enjoys golf, reading, and spending time with his family. When asked if his math skills help his golf game he explains, “I wish. You can judge the wind, the club, and how far the ball will go, but then a funny thing happens when you swing the club – it doesn’t go where you wanted it to go. For a guy who likes to know what’s coming, I sure shouldn’t like golf. But, my shots must work often enough to keep me coming back, that or the chance to hang out with my buddies.”

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