Financial planning: A balanced approach to serving others

November 16, 2020

When I was a teenager, I intended to make an impact on the world by joining the Peace Corps. That vision didn’t become reality, but I’ve carried out a desire to serve throughout my life. My financial planning career is one of the ways I’ve done that.

Why didn’t I join the Peace Corps? The simple answer is love. I met my (future) husband at the young age of 18. A 10-day Habitat for Humanity stint in Costa Rica was a good test run. I discovered I couldn’t imagine spending a couple of years away from him. So, I traded an adventure in Africa for a move to Wichita, Kansas, with my husband.

Blending people and numbers skills

As I considered a future profession, I reflected on my gifts and talents. Many of my relatives are “numbers people,” so I thought I would enjoy working in finance or accounting. I also enjoyed teaching, and I wanted to help people develop solutions to improve their lives.

In college, people often described me as a good listener. I even found myself learning people’s deepest secrets the first time we met, with them saying, “You’re the only one I have ever said that to.” I wanted to find a career where I could get to the heart of the matter with people.

I realized that being a financial advisor melded my interest in numbers, listening to people’s cares and concerns, and guiding people toward a brighter future.

Solving puzzles that matter

In my 20-year financial planning career, I’ve gained more education, credentials and experience. This has allowed me to work with more complicated situations and larger portfolio values.

I enjoy solving the tax, estate and investment puzzles that help clients preserve wealth and use it in meaningful ways. I have been fortunate to work with many like-minded clients, who want to help improve their communities and the world.

When I joined Laurel Wealth Planning, I found a firm that specializes in the types of clients I enjoy serving the most. I am delighted to offer affluent people a guiding hand through life experiences such as divorce, loss of a spouse and retirement.

Value-driven professionally and personally

Laurel Wealth Planning’s values, which so closely match my own, drew me in. The firm’s mission also resonates with me. It ties so closely to the reasons I got into this business to begin with.

Our mission is “Grounded in a deep understanding of our clients and what is important to them, we go beyond insightful wealth planning and investment management to provide our clients a trusted ‘voice of reason’ to help them sort through their financial decisions. Through this mission, we seek to enhance our clients’ financial security, confidence, and delight in their choices.”

While I never got to journey to Africa with the Peace Corps, I have been able to serve my community though youth mentorship and nonprofit involvement. And after two decades, I have found a firm where I feel “at home.” I am honored to work alongside other dedicated team members at Laurel Wealth Planning as we live out our mission to serve our clients.

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