Laura’s Learnings From Lockdown

May 28, 2020

Laura Kuntz, LWP Senior Wealth Manager and Shareholder, shares her top learnings from lockdown.

  • Since COVID started, we have been on video and audio with so many clients and we are incredibly grateful for them!
  • As I hear about the many canceled social events for our retired clients, I am grateful for my work, which gives me purpose and connection.
  • I went paperless in three days, amazing myself!
  • Many clients have gotten video savvy, which I find enhances communication compared to telephone-only. But, many clients have also expressed their preference for meeting in person. I, too, think there is nothing like seeing people in person. For example, I much prefer to see my children in person, even if on my deck with social distancing. It will be a pleasure to see our clients in person again!
  • My sense is many clients are spending less during the lockdown. For myself, I wonder how much of my lower spending will continue? I find there is happiness while spending less. Yet, I really miss some things, like a meal out with my daughter or a visit to the salon!
  • While I miss my office mates, not commuting has allowed more walks, more time in nature, and while I work, an open window and a view of my swaying trees. I want to return to our busy office because I love the connection, but is there a way to hold onto the blessings of this time?  
  • Some of our clients live alone, and this is not easy during the lockdown. Some have joined a “pod” with others, which I am happy to hear. I am so grateful to “do the lockdown” with my husband and companion, Tom.
  • My daughters, Annie and Rachel, work in healthcare—on as an RN on an all-COVID Floor the other as an MD in the emergency room. Of course, I have worried deeply about them. But, I am also grateful that they are young, ages 26 and 27. They do share stories of COVID patients with good news and COVID suffering.
  • My sense is that our clients continue to retire on schedule as they previously planned. New clients continue to come to us due to divorce or the loss of a loved one. Life goes on, with its good and challenging times, even during the lockdown.

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